Week 7 – Stepper Motor

Video of a stepper-motor and syringe project for moving around some water: This week was all about the stepper motor. We learned to rotate the motor around, the basics about  it like how it doesn’t know “where” it is and how acceleration works on it. We used this to practice creating a few interesting rotation […]

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Week 6 – Fans and Servos

Cool video of a servo-driven machine playing an IPad game:   This week we moved away from lights and started working with powered objects, namely motors. We started with a fan that could be turned on an off using a latching switch controlled by the Arduino. Using this, we made small creative displays playing with […]

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Week 4 – LED Advanced

Cool video of a 3d project of 8x8x8 LEDs An Arduino LED clock with a mirror effect for adding depth (literally): This week was finalizing learning basic LEDs through the use of a 4×8 NeoPixel LED matrix so we can do some stuff using more volume and with many color options. We also started using […]

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Week 3 – LED Intermediates

Here’s a part of the Bible told with words and lights: This week was simply continuing the learning of LEDs and plenty of troubleshooting with the students on how to get certain things to happen. We learned how to solder basic wires onto a NeoPixel LED, which we were to then use as our homework […]

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Week 2 – LED Beginnings

Looked up a couple cool LED creations:

Advertisement using LED:

Tetris played on a skyscraper!:


During the week, we did an assignment for using four LEDs in an expressive way. I chose to make them dance.


The homework for this weekend to was to use several LEDs together to tell some sort of narrative. I went simple, but still very descriptive: a green jagged line with pulses going across like a heartbeat monitor. To add more emotion to the piece, I have the heart rate climbing as time goes forward until it reaches the end where it flat lines. It is likely a morbid thing to do, but it matches the theme and works well as an LED display, so I’m going for it. I looked up a couple videos to determine the speed and fading a monitor uses and made the piece based on that.


Similar to the last project, the coding for this was simple. The majority of the time was spent more on small tweaks to the variables to get them to accomplish what I wanted, as well as making sure that the pulses were changing and fading at the desired pace. I’m looking forward to dealing with full RGB arrays and challenging myself to figure out something cool to put on those.

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Week 1 – Introduction

Here are some interesting things I’ve found done using Arduino systems. I figured this being an introduction week that these would be a little more general. Lighting in tune with some music: A model home security system: A couple of cool videogame applications for Arduino: http://howtomechatronics.com/projects/arduino-game-project-replica-of-flappy-bird-for-arduino-on-a-tft-touch-screen/   This weekend’s homework was to put together an […]

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