Final Post

The final project consists of five flex sensors, one on each digit of the hand, each digitally connected to its own LED on the breadboard which will dim as that digit bends. It also consists of a 9-DOF sensor containing an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer placed at the center of the back of the hand, connected to a single NeoPixel that uses RGB lighting to display the movement speed and direction of the glove. Red represent the X-axis, for forward and backward. Green represents the Y-axis, or left and right. Blue represents the Z-axis, of up and down. All of this data as well as the orientation data is printed by the Arduino onto the Serial port after having been cleaned.


This has easily been the project I’ve invested the most time and effort into for this class. VR has held a large place in my heart and mind since I first learned about it several years ago and getting some first-hand experience in the process of making technology in that area and being able to study the kind of information exchange and manipulation that goes into that technology has given me some serious respect for the things we have today. The project was by no means easy, especially when it came to the 9-DoF sensor where I had to first figure out what data correlated with which part of that sensor, then work on cleaning it up. Not to mention the 7 hours of stitching together the glove, though that’s likely just due to my inexperience with such things. Overall, I’m very happy and proud of the final product.


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