Cultural Event 3 – DU Arcade

This event was organized by and for game developers, artists, and designers from around the state. Creators came in and set up their newest games to show off their work and get feedback. Prospective companies and students met with each other and got contact information. Everyone was able to see a lot of cool ideas for games and platforms and share their interests with each other. There were even talks this year by professionals who shared their experience in making games and story of how they got into the game creation community.

I was one of the creators gathering feedback for a game a presented here myself, and it was a great experience seeing what people liked and didn’t like and discovering the horde of bugs that comes with the game creation package. I also really enjoyed seeing games done by other people and learning how they went about that and enjoyed the various art styles present. There was one robot shooting game from last year’s DU Arcade that I played which made another appearance, this time as a multiplayer game and it really intrigued me seeing the massive changes made to it since last year.



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