Cultural Event 1 – Alan Warburton Talk

This was a guest talk done by a graphic artist named Alan Warburton where he describes the kind of work he does and how he got where he is to the students of a class at DU. He does a lot of work with 3D modeling and animation, such as setting up scenes and short animated clips describing and expressing a topic he was interested in at that point. An example would be his flock pattern works where several people affect each other’s actions and movement until they average out to about the same or cause a repeating pattern, like the group of women who kept looking and moving¬†around nervously in reaction to each other.

This was an interesting talk to listen to as it gives me perspective on the different ways different people can use the same kind of technology. There are companies like Pixar, DreamWorks, and Disney that use this technology to make fun movies, game developers of all sorts that use 3d software to make interactive applications for players to immerse themselves in, and then there’s people like Alan who use these stuff to convey a message of some sort. It was also interesting to listen to his rising story and the transition he had to make between working on things on his own versus doing work for another company or fulfilling certain criteria.


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