Week 9 – Sensors

Video of a heat-sensor driven alarm system:

Flex-sensors on a vr glove (what a coincidence):

This week we displayed or project 2’s then went over using sensors and cleaning the data being read by them, such as the low-pass filter method and the running average method. We first messed around with flex sensors that changed signals when bent. We used this in a small assignment where we controlled the servo motor using the flex sensor data. We then were given a few different choices of which motor to practice on our own. I went with an accelerometer as it was directly related to the final project that I would do, which was something we had to start working on over this weekend.



It was interesting to see the kind of information that flows out of the different kinds of sensors and to manipulate it for cleaner data to be used for other things. Using this information, I decided for my final project to go with the idea I’ve had for it since before I signed up for this class: a VR Glove that could track the location, orientation, and pose of a hand for use in VR applications. Over the weekend I ordered in the materials and started thinking about how to implement this idea.


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