Week 8 – Project 2

Video of a guy explaining some stepper motor basics using some simple project examples:

This week there was no class. It was all about working on project 2 on our own. As I mentioned before, mine was a machine that would wave at people randomly. The design I went for was attaching a stiff  and folded-up piece or cardstock to the stepper motor vertically to act as a pole, then to which I taped on the cap of a pen going horizontally. On the end of that cap I taped on the servo motor, and finally onto the hand of the servo a paper hand. The code was then written that caused the servo to wave the hand in a recognizable waving pattern while the stepper motor rotated the servo randomly around to seem like it was naturally waving at multiple people around.


This project required a little more thought process behind it than the others. Namely in that I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with the motors to make them expressive to begin with. The idea hit me for a waving machine when a had a day where I came across several people I knew while walking across campus at was waving at them constantly for a couple minutes. I decided to make a machine that would do that for me. The majority of the time spent on the project was actually only in setting up the physical components correctly. The code portion wasn’t hard.


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