Week 10 – Final Project

VR Controller example using leap motion:

Haptic Feedback glove example:

This week was all about making progressing and getting help with our final projects. My project is a VR Glove that can track the bending of the fingers along with the orientation and location of the hand. This is done using a flex sensor in each hand tracking the bend of the furthest forward knuckle, along with a 9 degrees of freedom sensor containing a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.

The majority of the work done this week was on putting the glove and circuitry together and writing the base code. There are PWM LEDs for showing a more visual representation of the bending of each finger and a NeoPixel for displaying the translation of the hand in space. I had considered another NeoPixel for the orientation, but decided that would be harder to decipher as only people who know the mixture of the various colors of light would be able to decipher it. The last thing I’ll need to do for submission is finalize the cleaned data and document the final result. This is a project that has been both physically and mentally challenging to me and one that I have a lot of personal interest in as an aspiring VR game developer.



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