Final Post

The final project consists of five flex sensors, one on each digit of the hand, each digitally connected to its own LED on the breadboard which will dim as that digit bends. It also consists of a 9-DOF sensor containing an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer placed at the center of the back of the hand, […]

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Cultural Event 3 – DU Arcade

This event was organized by and for game developers, artists, and designers from around the state. Creators came in and set up their newest games to show off their work and get feedback. Prospective companies and students met with each other and got contact information. Everyone was able to see a lot of cool ideas for […]

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Week 10 – Final Project

VR Controller example using leap motion: Haptic Feedback glove example: This week was all about making progressing and getting help with our final projects. My project is a VR Glove that can track the bending of the fingers along with the orientation and location of the hand. This is done using a flex sensor in […]

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Week 9 – Sensors

Video of a heat-sensor driven alarm system: Flex-sensors on a vr glove (what a coincidence): This week we displayed or project 2’s then went over using sensors and cleaning the data being read by them, such as the low-pass filter method and the running average method. We first messed around with flex sensors that changed […]

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Week 8 – Project 2

Video of a guy explaining some stepper motor basics using some simple project examples: This week there was no class. It was all about working on project 2 on our own. As I mentioned before, mine was a machine that would wave at people randomly. The design I went for was attaching a stiff  and […]

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